Domingo, Alleli C., M.S.

  Position: Associate Professor 4
Specialization: Operations Research
Research Cluster: Optimization
Field of Interest:


  •  Writer/Editor, Math 14 Worktext. October-November 2001.
  • Domingo, A. C., and M. Sniedovich. “Experiments with Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Nonseparable Problems”. European Journal of Operations Research. Pp. 172-187, Vol. 67, 1993.
  • Domingo, A. C. “Optimizing Nonseparable Functions with D. P.”. Book of Poceedings, 2nd APORS Conference. pp. 271-276. August 1991.
  • Domingo, A. C. “Dynamic Programming Techniques for the Optimization of Nonseparable Functions”. Master’s Thesis. University of Melbourne. 1992.
  • Domingo, A. C. “A Closer Look at Optimal Paths in Reliability Network”. Dean Socorro Villalobos Professional Chair Lecture. 6 January 1999.

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