Cuansing, Eduardo C., Ph. D.

ecc Position: Associate Professor 3
Field of Interest: Condensed Matter Theory
Research GroupComputational Physics 
Email AddressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests: Quantum transport, quantum devices, nonequilibrium quantum many-particle dynamics

My research interests are mainly in the study of the dynamics of electrons and phonons in nanosystems where time-varying forces are present. At the moment, using nonequilibrium Green’s functions, I am investigating the general properties of the relaxation and response times of the electronic current in a transistor-like molecular junction where a time-varying gate potential is acting on the channel. My research team is also working on the effects of electron-phonon and electron-photon interactions, as well as heat baths whose temperatures change with time, to the transport properties of the electronic current. I am also interested in the question of the existence of quantum chaos and whether the quantum analog of classically chaotic systems would also exhibit chaotic dynamics. In addition, my team is also investigating the effects of specific lattice structures, i.e., mostly two-dimensional materials, to the quantum dynamics of electrons and phonons.


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