Extension Activities


The 2007 Division Semestral Training Program in Elementary Mathematics, sponsored by the Department of Education, the National Academy of Science and Technology, the Rotary Clubs of Los Baños and Los Baños Makiling and IMSP, was held at the Lopez Elementary School in Los Baños, Laguna on October 22-26, 2007. This training program was participated in by mathematics teachers from the different elementary schools in Laguna. This activity was followed by the District Level Walk Through of the Lesson Guides in Elementary Mathematics on December 7-11, 2007. Several faculty members from the Institute served as resource persons in these training programs.

The Institute, as a CHED Center of Excellence in Mathematics Education, was tapped by the Department of Education for its Textbook Evaluation Program in Elementary Mathematics. This continuing collaboration started in September 2007 with some of the Institute's faculty members serving as content experts and textbook evaluators.

Physics Fair XVIII: Conquer, which was held on September 10-17, 2007 at the UPCO Social Hall and at the Carillion Tower and Grounds, included the following events: Gliders2007, Over The Land, Over The Seas, A Culminating Showcase of Creative Minds, “One Question, One Answer”, Programming Wars and Everyday Physics.

Physics Fair XVII: Invaders, which was held on February 19-24, 2007 at the Oblation Triangle Grounds, included the following events: Takeshi’s Castle, Car-struck v.4 and NASC Exhibits.

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