MCW  Mathematics Consciousness Week

To promote math and its many wonders, Mathematics Division of IMSP holds the Mathematics Consciousness Week (MCW). This week long activity sets sight on providing the UPLB constituents and nearby educational institutions with the current advances in mathematics, and, heighten the appreciation of mathematics within the community through exhibits, talks, competitions and awarding of recognition to outstanding UPLB constituents.

Over the years, several activities have been made. One of which is the Math Talent Quest (MTQ), a competition open to all UPLB students that intends to stimulate creativity among participants and to highlight the importance of mathematics in everyday life through puzzles, games, models, posters, essays, poems, songs, movie/video clips, audiovisual/powerpoint presentations or tilings/tessellations. Another is a board game DoDAMove (DaMath tournament), a game of wits and strategy open to all UPLB freshman students. In addition to this is the Search for Outstanding Mathlete, a CHED-endorsed competition for undergraduates within CALABARZON that aims to encourage the local math wizards in pursuing their excellence in mathematics.

The Mathematics Division of IMSP considers Math Consciousness Week as one of its biggest activity that it looks forward to every year.

mcw 2016 MCW 2016: Mathsagana, Mathsustansya, Mathsarap                          Providing Food on Everyone's Table Through Mathematics
     Trailblazing the  athematics of Financial Markets
 mcw2014 MCW 2014: The AfterMath
     Mathematical Modeling in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
math-for-life-logo-2 MCW 2013: Math For Life
     Meeting  the Emerging Trends in Mathematical Biology
MCW2012 LOGO MCW 2012: Math Online: Get Connected!
     Linking Lives Through Mathematics
Math Con 4 speed up 2009 MCW 2009: Speed UP to 100
     Math Onto 100 Years of Commitment  to the Ideals of UP
Math Con 3 math on the go 2008 MCW 2008: Math On the Go! 
survivor 2006 MCW 2006: SURVIVOR: MATHira, MATHibay. Tatagal Ka Ba?

MCW 2005: Mathup, Mathzup: What's with Math

  Moreover, during MCW the Outstanding SP in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Outstanding Mathematics Students and Outstanding Mathematics Instructor are awarded.   

mcw3 mcw2 mcw1


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