Physics Fair

The Physics Division of the IMSP celebrates Physics Fair every semester, in September or February, to provide a festive and informative alternative learning experience for Physics students.

Like a typical fair, students gather outside the classroom to display their produce, to entertain or to be entertained. There are seminars, career orientations, exhibits, games, video presentations, movie shows and other things one commonly find in fairs – except that the theme is conspicuously Physics. This week-long celebration, of the applications and implications of Physics that make our lives happy and wonderful, aims to promote Physics consciousness in the community.

Previous Physics Fair creative themes are captured in such catchy phrases like Physics Reborn, Fiesta Fisika, Life is Better with Physics, I love P6, etc.

27th Physics Fair (2nd semester 2011-2012)

26th Physics Fair

25th Physics Fair

24th Physics Fair

23rd Physics Fair

22nd Physics Fair

21st Physics Fair

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