Extension Programs

The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) which was established in 1909 has a tripartite function of instruction, research and extension.

In line with the university’s extension function, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) conducts various extension activities ranging from training programs, technical assistance and laboratory services, consultancy services, experts services and special skills, and special events. The basic and specialized training programs are designed to promote the degree programs, boost teaching and research capability and improve technical skills of the intended clientele. These programs are conducted every summer or any month of the year depending upon the request of a sponsoring organization.

The following are the extension programs of the institute:

Training on Instrumentation

Contact Person: Prof. Nelio C. Altoveros
Contact Numbers: Tel. No. (049) 536-1841
VOIP: 3750

Training on construction and programming of wheeled robot. Participants will be taught how to construct a simple robot and program using C programming for microcontrollers.

Digital Electronics
Training on design and construction of digital circuits. Participants will be taught how to connect digital electronic circuits using IC and breadboard.

Training on Advanced Materials Fabrication

Contact Person: Prof. Marvin U. Herrera
Contact Numbers: Tel. No. (049) 536-1841
VOIP: 3750
Training on the synthesis and characterization of advanced materials such as nanomaterials, conducting polymer, electroceramics and superconductors.

Bridge Program in Mathematics

Contact Person: Prof. Sharon P. Lubag
Contact Numbers: Tel. No. (049) 536-6610
VOIP: 3701
In cooperation with the UPLB Learning Resource Center, a 48-hour course is designed for UPCAT qualifiers who are required to undergo on intensive algebra preparation prior to enrollment in the university.

Career Orientation

Contact Person: Prof. Ariel L. Babriera
Contact Numbers: Tel. No. (049) 536-6610
VOIP: 3701
An overview of the possible jobs awaiting graduates of BS Math, BS in Math Teaching, BS Applied Math (Actuarial Science and Operation Research options), BS Physics, and BS Applied Physics is given to incoming senior high school students. The power point presentation about the course offerings is meant to provide a basis for informed decision in choosing a degree to apply for in the college admission exam.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics – Training, Seminars, and Workshops Programs

Contact Person: Alleli C. Domingo
Contact Numbers: Tel. No. (049) 536-6610
VOIP: 3701
A collection of training, seminars, and workshops on the fields of Mathematics Education, Mathematical Theories, Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Operations Research offered by the Mathematics Division to a variety of stakeholders.

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