The Institute has a larger and stronger work force with 73 faculty members, 72 regular faculty members (47 from the Mathematics Division and 25 from the Physics Division) and one part-time senior lecturer.

Ten faculty members completed their doctorate degrees from reputable universities either abroad or in the country. Nineteen faculty members have master's degrees while 44 have bachelor's degrees.

In terms of professional rank, IMSP has 2 Full Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 1 Senior Lecturer, 18 Assistant Professors and 44 Instructors.

Nineteen faculty members are on permanent status, while the rest have temporary appointments. Nine faculty members are on tenure track after they have obtained their master's degrees and promoted to assistant professor rank.

The IMSP Faculty members specialize in the following various fields - algebra and combinatorics (including semi-group theory, finite permutation groups, graph theory, and coding theory), partial differential equations, mathematics education, operations research, actuarial science, bio-mathematics, computer hardware and instrumentation (including robotics), materials physics and nanotechnology, computational physics, astro-physics, physics education, theoretical physics, and biological and environmental physics which includes chemical bio-physics.


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