This program represents the breadth and depth of mathematics, from classical to contemporary, from the theoretical to the applied. The curriculum will enhance the student’s mathematical and critical thinking skills, and develop in the student a greater appreciation and understanding of the importance of mathematics in history and in the modern world. It will prepare students who plan for advanced studies in mathematics or related fields or those who want to pursue a career in the academe. Furthermore, a graduate of this program can look strongly into several opportunities as he is the more likely than most to be versatile in adopting to work demands and problems that require a flexible, systematic, efficient and speedy solution. The curriculum offers a wide range of mathematics courses from which the students may form a specialization track based on their interests and abilities and a substantial number of core mathematics courses and electives that would ensure mastery and specialization. The student is also required of a research methods course which he can use in doing a special problem or an undergraduate thesis.

BS Mathematics 2011 Curriculum
BS Mathematics 2003 Curriculum


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