The Master of Science in Mathematics program is the advance preparation and mastery of mathematics as a field of study. It attempts to create an atmosphere of intellectual and creative rigor that encourages scholarly inquiry, research, and study of the evolving formulation of mathematical knowledge. Graduate education in mathematics results in the candidate’s ability to shape the direction of the discipline, to become a leader in his/her profession, and to contribute to the rapidly changing global community. The design of the program is marked by a deep interconnection between the various branches of mathematics, and by its interdisciplinary nature, traditionally with physics and engineering, but now extending to other areas like computing and information technology. As such, the program aims to provide students with a strong foundation and higher degree of specialization sufficient to pursue careers in the academe, business, industry and government requiring mathematical skills and perspectives. It also aims to prepare the students for doctoral studies in pure or applied mathematics, or some related field; and to provide foundations and initial training for doing research in mathematics.

MS Mathematics 2011 Curriculum
MS Mathematics Old Curriculum


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