MS Mathematics

The program consists of 31 units for course work, seminar and the conduct and presentation of a research thesis, and is broken down as follows: 15 units core courses (mathematics or related courses, must have representative courses in algebra, analysis and geometry), 9 units cognate courses, 1 unit graduate seminar and 6 units thesis.

Graduate courses:

AMAT 266. Deterministic Mathematical Decision Models (3). Linear models; inventory modes; integer programming and combinatorial models; elementary dynamic programming models; introduction to nonlinear programming. 3 hrs (class). PR. AMAT 160 or COI. (1)

AMAT 267. Probabilistic Mathematical Decision Models (3). Basic concepts and application of probabilistic mathematical decision models such as queuing, inventory, dynamic programming and simulation models. 3 hrs (class). PR. AMAT 160 or COI. (2)

MATH 211. Abstract Algebra (3). Binary operations, algebraic systems such as semi groups, rings integral domains, field, extensions. 3 hrs (class). PR MATH 111. (1)

MATH 213. Theory of Matrices (3). Operations on matrices; canonical forms, determinants; characteristic equations; eigen values. 3 hrs (class). PR MATH 120. (1)

MATH 222. Finite Geometries (3). The finite plane, projective plane, affine plane, hyperbolic plane; Galois geometries; combinatorial applications of finite geometries; finite inverse geometry and block design. 3 hrs (class). PR MATH 211. (2)

MATH 225. Topology (3). Topological spaces; bases and subbases; continuity; metric spaces; separation axioms; compactness; product spaces; connectedness. 3 hrs(class). PR. MATH 101 or its equivalent. (2)

MATH 230. Real Analysis (3). The real number system; Lebesque measures; Reimann and Lebesque integrals; differentiation and integration. 3 hrs(class). PR. MATH 155 (1)

MATH 231. Functions of a Complex Variable (3). Complex differentiation and integration; analytic continuation; residue theorem; conformal mapping; and some special functions. 3 hrs (class). PR. MATH 155 (2)

MATH 291. Special Topics (1-3). May be taken twice provided that total number of units to be credited to the student’s program will not exceed 4 units. May be taken twice. PR. COI.

MATH 299. Graduate Seminar (1). May be taken twice. (2)

MATH 300. Master’s Thesis (6). (1, 2, S)


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