UP System International Publication Awards


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Other Research Publication Awards


Best Paper Award (Environmental Science Category), Jomar F. Rabajante, Regina Ester DC. Umali, and Yuichi T. Otsuka, “Mathematical Models of Rumor Propagation for Disaster Management,” 11th Annual National Scientific Convention of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc., U.P. Los Baños and U.P. Open University, May 24-28, 2011.


Best Poster Award, Alvin Karlo G. Tapia, “Charge Carrier Dynamics of Crystalline Solid State Materials using Pulsed Terahertz Spectroscopy,” International Symposium on the Frontier of Terahertz Spectroscopy, Shinshu University in Matsumoto City, Nagano, October 20-22, 2010.

Second Place, Best Paper (Physical Sciences Category), Mark Gabriel D. Castilan, Gene Reiz K. Naanod, Yuichi T. Otsuka and Jomar F. Rabajante, “From Numbers to Nature,” 10th Annual National Convention of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc., University of the Philippines Baguio, October 20-24, 2010.

Third Place, Best Paper (Physical Sciences Category), Stan Michelle D. Reyes and Michael C. Villadelrey, “Determining the Optimal Land Area for Establishing Biofuel Plantations using Mixed Integer Goal Programming: the Issue of Food Versus Fuel in the Philippines,” 10th Annual National Convention of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc., University of the Philippines Baguio, October 20-24, 2010.

Finalist, Student Creative Research (SIBOL) for College Category, Julius Cris V. Salinas and Nelio C. Altoveros, “Automated Vision-Based Control of a Blue Tooth Surveillance Robot,” 2010 Southern Luzon Cluster Regional Inventions Contest and Exhibits, Legazpi City, September 6-8, 2010.


Third Place, Best Research Paper (Life Sciences Category) - Jomar F. Rabajante, Michael C. Villadelrey and Ramon Joseph P. Esteves, “Determining the optimal distribution of bee colony locations to avoid overpopulation using mixed integer programming,” 9th Annual Scientific Convention of the Philippine Society for the Study of nature, MSU-IIT, Iligan City, November 12-15, 2009; published in the Journal of Nature Studies, vol.9, no. 1, January - April 2010, pp. 79-82.


Best Oral Paper - Joybel G. Bugna and Lou Serafin M. Lozada, "Surface-modified recycled polypropylene (PP): a potential substitute to skimmer surface," First UPLB CAS Student Faculty Research Conference, December 8, 2008.

Best Poster Paper - Francis M. Emralino and Marvin U. Herrera, "Fabrication of polyaniline- and polyanisidine- (poly)-vinyl acetate composite films," First UPLB CAS Student Faculty Research Conference, December 8, 2008.

First Prize, Poster Making Contest, Raymund Lorenzo V. Abejuela IV with Joey Mangadlao (UP Diliman) and Elvis Chua (ADMU), “DNAzymes: Gene Carriers of the Past, Catalysts of the Future,” 2008 Asian Science Camp, Bali, Indonesia, August 3-9, 2008.

Arceo, C. P. P., Jose, E. C., Lao, A., & Mendoza, E. R. (2017). Chemical reaction network approaches to biochemical systems theory. Mathematical Biosciences, 283, 13-29.

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