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The UPLB BioMathematics Initiative is a research endeavor that was set up in the year 2010 by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP). It is spearheaded by a group of mathematics educators, researchers and students who work with people from other fields of study such as biology, biophysics, computer science, statistics, chemistry, environmental science and management, agriculture and forestry.

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Coding Theory and Cryptography

At present, the cluster concentrates on the algebraic properties of block codes and convolutional codes over rings, the construction of convolutional codes from block codes, the derivation of certain distance bounds, and the structural properties of finite rings, particularly $F_{p^k} + u F_{p^k}$.


Computational Physics

Computational Physics Laboratory (COMP) aims to be the leading computational research laboratory capable of solving real world problems. COMP uses mathematical models and numerical algorithms to model and simulate complex physical processes such as those occur in condensed matter physics, social and biological systems.


Computer Hardware and Instrumentation Physics

The Computer Hardware and Instrumentation Physics Laboratory (CHIP) aims to be known in the Philippines as the leading laboratory that develops and make instruments and systems for solving real-world problems. CHIP's main goal is to use the physics theory learned in creating world renowned instruments for different applications.

  Mathematics Education

Operations Research

Operations Research (OR) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods from mathematics, science, and engineering to help better decisions in planning ventures and analyzing options. Operations Research is characterized with its broad applicability by its interdisciplinary nature. As OR attempts to resolve the conflicts of interest among the components of the organization in a way that is best for the organization as a whole, the OR team needs to include individuals who collectively trained in mathematics, statistics and probability, economics, business administration, computer science, engineering and the physical sciences, the behavioral sciences and the special techniques of OR. 

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