Mathematics Education is a flourishing field of mathematics that caters to the trends on how instruction in mathematics is conducted. It also allows opportunities to look into the various issues regarding student performance in class or in general how they learn mathematics specifically gearing towards problem solving. And finally, it also looks into the issue of curricular development of the various high schools, specifically on how math has evolved from the primary to the tertiary level of the education system.


The group/research cluster primarily aims to assess and propose solutions on how the teaching and learning of mathematics is conducted, be it in the primary, secondary or tertiary school levels. Other issues relating to mathematics learning and/or teaching will also be an integral part on what the group will be working into.


  • Prof. Lynie B. Dimasuay (Cluster Coordinator) 
  • Dr. Jean O. Loyola
  • Prof. Rolando G. Panopio
  • Prof. Alleli Ester C. Domingo
  • Prof. Anthony L. Cueno
  • Prof. Lauro L. Fontanil
  • Prof. Gily V. Magalona
  • Mr. Edd Francis O. Felix

Research Activities 

For the past years, MathEd had conducted researches about

  1. The Effect of Video Gaming in the Learning of Mathematics of Selected College Students
  2. .Determining the Correlation of Grades inon the NAT Scores
  3. Assessing How Students in High School Think inwith Mathematical Problems
  4. Student’ Perspectives on the Use of Learning Management System (LMS)

Currently, the cluster is doing studies like

  1. Development of On-line Tutorials for Algebra and Trigonometry
  2. Effectiveness of Interactive Learning Modules in Teaching Mathematics
  3. Determining Factors that Affect Students Performance in Mathematics

The group is also planning to make some studies about

  1. Determining the Correlation of UPCATon Graduating Students’ UP Grade
  2. Integration of Games in Collaborative Learning
  3. Student’ Perspectives on the Use of Social Media in Teaching
  4. Assessment of the Mathematics Curriculum in the Junior and Senior High School
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation of the MATHTEX Training from 2012-2017.


“Development of Learning Objects to Supplement Teaching and Learning”.Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society. International Journal of the Computer, The Internet and Management, Vol 16, Dec 31, 2008. ISSN 0858-7027.

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