pde Partial differential equations (PDEs) have become the primary approach to the analytical study of models in the physical sciences and engineering since the eighteenth century. In general, usual problems in PDEs revolve around finding solutions of PDEs. At IMSP, we use the techniques such as variational methods and numerical methods (finite difference and finite element).

Homogenization of PDEs

The aim of homogenization is to describe the behavior of composite materials.


  • Dr. Editha C. Jose (Cluster Coordinator) 
  • Prof. Ivy Carol B. Lomerio
  • Ms. Eleanor B. Gemida


[1] I.C.B. Lomerio and E.C. Jose, Asymptotic Analysis of a Certain Class of a Semilinear Parabolic Problem with Interfacial Contact Resistance, Bulletin of Malaysian Mathematical Society, in press.

[2] C. Conca, P. Donato, E.C. Jose, and I. Mishra, Asymptotic Analysis of Optimal Controls of a Semilinear Problem in a Perforated Domain, J. Ramanujan Math. Soc.  31, No. 3 (2016), 265-305.

[3] P. Donato and E.C. Jose, Asymptotic Behavior of the Approximate Controls for Parabolic Equations with Interfacial Contact Resistance, ESAIM: COCV,  January 2015 (21) 138-164.

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