gtc Graph theory is the branch of mathematics concerned about how networks can be encoded and their properties measured. It has been enriched by growing influences from studies of social and complex networks. On the other hand, combinatorics is the branch of mathematics dealing with combinations of objects to a finite set satisfying certain properties.The GTC cluster spearheads activities that promote and help in the development of graph theory and combinatorics like conducting researches focusing on graceful graphs and monographs and providing support to student-researchers in graph theory and combinatorics.

Applications of Graph Theory and Combinatorics 

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Particle distribution among available energy states
  • Communications network
  • Genomics
  • Computer Science
  • Operations research

Future Plans 

  • Continue research on graceful graphs and monographs
  • Collaborate with IBS for possible joint research projects
  • Sponsor monthly brown bag discussions and seminar series on selected topics in graph theory
  • Conduct an echo seminar on distance-regular graphs


  • Dr. Jean O. Loyola (Cluster Coordinator)
  • Prof. Rolando G. Panopio
  • Prof. Genaro A. Cuaresma
  • Prof. Ariel B. Babierra
  • Prof. Marjo-Anne A. Fernando
  • Prof. Anthony L. Cueno
  • Prof. Lauro L. Fontanil
  • Mr. Joey R. Joson
  • Mr. Pierre Lance A. Tan



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