qmds The QMDS cluster specializes on the use of decision making tools using quantitative methods. Most of the models used are those in operations research. Operations Research (OR) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods from mathematics, science and engineering to make better decisions in planning ventures and analyzing options. Operations Research is characterized with its broad applicability by its interdisciplinary nature.

As OR attempts to resolve the conflicts of interest among the components of the organization in a way that is the best for the organization as a whole, the OR needs to seclude individuals who collectively trained in mathematics, statistics and probability, economics, business administration, computer science, engineering and the physical sciences the behavioral sciences and the special techniques of OR.


The cluster aims to train and strengthen the members through collaborative research work with individuals in social, biological and environmental sciences.

Research Themes 

  • Fuzzy goal programming
  • Land use planning
  • Simulation and geostatistical analysis of environment phenomena
  • Vehicle routing problems
  • Facility location probems 


  • Dr. Jerrold M. Tubay (Cluster Coordinator) 
  • Prof. Genaro A. Cuaresma
  • Prof. Alleli Ester C. Domingo
  • Dr. Jomar F. Rabajante
  • Prof. Mark Lester D. de Lara
  • Prof. Maica krizna A. Gavina
  • Prof. Allen L. Nazareno
  • Prof Mark Jayson V. Cortez
  • Prof. Diane Carmeliza N. Cuaresma
  • Prof. Destiny S. Lutero
  • Prof. Dylan SJ. Talabis
  • Mr. Jose Marie M. Inaudito
  • Mr. Christian Alvin H. Buhat
  • Ms. Monica C. Torres
  • Ms. Yancee H. Olave
  • Mr. Ardee C. Manalo
  • Mr. Jcob C. Malaguit
  • Ms. Gimelle B. Gamilla


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