Complex Systems

The Complex Systems Cluster of IMSP studies systems whose behavior and interaction are not simple sums of the behavior and interaction of their components.


  • Dr. Junius Andre F. Balista (Coordinator) 
  • Dr. Chrysline Margus N. Piñol 
  • Dr. Ranzivelle Marianne L. Roxas-Villanueva


  1. Balista, J.A.F. (2017). Axial segregation of granular mixtures as the rotational stabilization of the radial core. Granular Matter, 19(2), 39.
  2. Roxas-Villanueva, R.M.L. (2015). Literary analysis and complex networks. Diliman Review, 60(1-4).
  3. Crisostomo, C.P., Piñol, C.M.N. (2012). An Ising-based Model for the Spread of Infection. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Mathematical, Computational, Physical, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 6(7), 735-737.






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