Electronics and Instrumentation

Electronics and Instrumentation


  • To be the leading group in Instrumentation Physics that caters to both basic and applied researches relevant to the world
  • To design and use complex electronic and mechanical equipment
  • To measure and interpret experimental data relevant for both analysis and applications
  • To apply the understanding of the basic interactions in nature for basic science and technology


  • IRRI/Agriculture: Image processing and Instrumentation for agrictultural systems
  • Forestry: Spectroscopy for Electromagnetic Shielding and Antimicrobial Applications
  • Bee Program / Biology: Spectroscopic characterizations of Honey, modification of beeswax for antimicrobial applications, instrumentation for bees
  • UPLB Nanotech / Chemistry: Instrumentation systems for nanotech applications (gas and optical sensing), Low-frequency characterizations of proteins
  • Engineering: Spectroscopy and characterizations for Cement, polymeric and other materials for various applications


  • Dr. Alvin Karlo G. Tapia
  • Prof. Nelio C. Altoveros
  • Prof. Emmanuel A. Florido


  1. A. K. G. Tapia and K. Tominaga. (2016) Conducting Properties of Polyaniline in the THz Region: Investigations of Various Processing Conditions, International Journal of Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Wave, 38, 885.
  2. R.A. Alfonso, J.R. Pingol, M.C. Carasco, A.F. Mella, H.J. Ramirez, N.C. Altoveros, R. Roxas-Villanueva, G. Tapang, and R. Gomez. (2013) Enhancing HOTS in Science Pedagogy with VISSER. Proceedings of the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas Physics Congress, University of San Carlos, Cebu City.



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