Materials Physics and Engineering

The cluster employs experimental and computational techniques in designing and fabricating advance materials.


  • Dr. Marvin U. Herrera (Coordinator)
  • Prof. Jason R. Albia
  • Mr. Dustin Loren V. Almanza
  • Dr. Roberto S. Clemente
  • Prof. Maria Carmela T. Garcia
  • Prof. Armida V. Gillado
  • Prof. Alexandra B. Santos-Putungan


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  2. J.K. R. Pamatmat, A.V. Gillado, M.U. Herrera. (2017) Embedding of polyaniline molecules on adhesive tape using successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) technique. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 201, 012041.
  3. T.L. Baquiran, M.C.T. Garcia and M.U. Herrera (2017). Electrical characteristics of zinc oxide-copper oxide heterojunction at different illumination intensities. Key Engineering Materials (in press).
  4. A.B. Santos-Putungan, M.J.F. Empizo, K. Yamanoi, R.M. Vargas, R. Arita, Y. Minami, T. Shimizu, A.A. Salvador, R.V. Sarmago, N. Sarukura. (2016) Intense and fast UV emitting ZnO microrods fabricated by low temperature aqueous chemical growth method, J. Luminescence 169, 216-219.
  5. D.L.V Almanza, M.C.T. Garcia, A.D. Prodigalidad and M.U. Herrera (2016) Visible light photocatalytic activity of Zinc Oxide-Copper Oxide composites. Key Eng. Mater.705, 385-389.



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