Spp 2011

Faculty and students of the IMSP Physics Division presented 8 oral papers and 13 posters in the recently concluded 29th SPP Physics Congress held on 24-26 October 2011 at NIP, UP Diliman. Financial support was provided by the CAS Distinctive Excellence Grant.

Oral papers (8)

1. MGMG Latorre, JCV Salinas, and NC Altoveros, LabView-based automated multichannel curve tracer for characterization of field effect transistors

2. HRE Forio and DM Yanga, Angle-resolved photoemission intensity of high temperature superconductors based no the spin polaron formulation

3. AMB Villaruel and HRE Forio, Arm movement curvature planning in weight sensory response through force-field internal models

4. JRCP Nogot, JG Bugna, and LSM Lozada, Mobile phone-based microscope for blood cell imaging and count applications

5. RMD Sese, The state of Philippine astronomy: challenges and opportunities

6. GCG Calis and JAF Balista, Apparent mass of confined big-grained and small-grained granular materials

7. RDAC Reysoma and JAF Balista, Determination of the coefficient of static of granular materials

8. AKG Tapia and K Tominaga, Studies on polyaniline by teraHertrz time-domain spectroscopy

Poster papers (13)

1. NC Altoveros, AI Silva, and DV Cantre, Multichannel temperature profiler for canned food products using PC and microcontrollers

2. NC Altoveros, MBV Aligan, and DV Cantre, Automated canned food thermal processing controller

3. NC Altoveros, JHA Jordan, and MLL Altoveros, GPS object tracker using SMS for transmission

4. MC Sim, VGV Paller, and HRE Forio, Agent-based modeling and simulation of the transmission dynamics of malaria

5. LSM Lozada and TJY Lomibao, Fluid actuation on a wide gap electrode open-channel digital microfluidics system

6. MC Angub, J Zarate, E Lat, JR Albia and LSML Lozada, Bacterial inhibition of UV-irradiated stainless steel coated with ZnO of different thickness

7. B. Singidas, A. Santos and R. Sarmago, Adhesion force measurement on ZnO microrods on silicon surface during atomic force microscope probe manipulation

8. GG Calis, J, Navarra, and RM Sese, Route Efficiency of kaliwa and kanan jeepneys in University of the Philippines Los Banos

9. CP Crisostomo, JB Dignomo,  AM Jocson,  MG Banaticla, and RM Sese, Effects of susceptible ratio and tolerance to influenza virus propagation: An agent and lattice-based simulation

10. CC Cease, JP Fortaleza, and RM Sese, Simulation of spatially-determined cellular growth

11. MD Valdez, FC Garcia, and RM Sese, Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of breast cancer risk and tumor growth

12. JL Dayrit, RM Valdez, and RM Sese, Hive selection model of eusocial bees based on survival tactics and optimal foraging using the modified artificial bee colony algorithm

13. JM Saligumba, MDH Nieva, and RM Sese, Cellular automata model of uni-directional traffic flow in open boundary conditions




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