2 May 2016 (Monday)

Physics Seminar Dr. Ian Vega : "Einstein and the Music of the Spheres" - click for details

3-4 May 2016 (Tues/Wed)

Talks by Dr. Daniel Onofrei from the University of Houston - click for details

March 28 - May 9, 2016 (Every Monday)

Physics Faculty seminars (view schedule here)

Opportunities from the Aguda and Donato visits

The visits of Dr. Baltazar D. Aguda (Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University) and Prof. Patrizia Donato (University of Rouen) have offered IMSP with opportunities that hopefully will find actualization in the future through resolute action.

The Biomathematics Initiative

Dr. Aguda recommends that IMSP initiates the creation of a collaborative research group in biomathematics. Due to a wide diversity of knowledge involved, biomathematical research is usually done in collaboration between mathematicians, biomathematicians, theoretical biologists, physicists, biophysicists, biochemists, bioengineers, engineers, biologists, chemists, etc. (
Dr. Aguda is willing to lend his name to this group as adviser, and has committed to invite the help of other experts in this endeavor. A first step is to identify faculty members and students who are willing to take part in this initiative. Dr. Aguda agreed to co-advise graduate students as well. Further, there is a need to promote awareness among stakeholders through an online biomathematics database that can be linked to the new IMSP website. Hopefully, these and other endeavors would lead to the establishment of a center on mathematical biology.

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